Thursday, June 24

"With the night wind blowing his long coat out behind him like a cape, Gideon Ransom rode into the town of Williams on a horse named Styx. The man the redskins called Wendigo carried with him the scent of heat lightning and the cold ivory grip of death."

Welcome to the blog of the first Guns of the Midnight Train novel, Faith and a .45, a dark western filled with gunfighters, outlaws and a shot glass of supernatural.

I hope you will return with me to those thrilling days of yesteryear. Be sure to bring a crucifix along with your six gun.


Faith and a .45: Pursued by a trio of gunfighters, Jebediah Green and Faith Gale ride the twisting rails of the Midnight Train to the wall at the edge of the world -- and beyond -- as Faith takes gun in hand and becomes the villain of her life story.


Anonymous said...

You need a follow thingie on here. This looks like a western I could read :)