Sunday, November 6

June, 1850. Again.

For two hundred years the silver monorail of the Midnight Train has been a silent reminder of a bygone era when Gunslingers, Outlaws, Buffalo Hunters and Redskins roamed the storm-wracked flatland of the tornado plains.

Dust in her hair and lye soap burning the creases of her washtub hands, farmhand Faith Gale fears that her life's ambitions will end with her trapped as the trophy wife of a corn farmer -- until she sees the smokestacks of the black train rolling into an abandoned station on the far edge of town.

A lone passenger disembarks, hiding knowledge of the past, the present and the many parallel lines of the future behind metallic green eyes. Beaten and raped by Jebediah Green, Faith is held hostage by his bulletless guns and the temptation to follow him as he cuts a pathway of brutality and murder into Topica's rural bliss on a quest for an artifact he thinks can return him to his home. Whenever, Wherever that may be.

Pursued by a trio of gunfighters, Jebediah and Faith ride the twisting rail of the Midnight Train to the wall at the edge of the world -- and beyond -- as Faith takes gun in hand and becomes the villain of her own life story.

Faith and a .45 is a 90,000 word Sci Fi Western in the spirit of Stephen King's Gunslinger novels.


Wednesday, August 10

There is no easy way to bathe a hummingbird.

I've been busy. I've been working on a new zombie short, Planet of the Zombie, and doing some planning for a novel about the High School Prom as well as making a tiny bit of progress on an oddball bizarro short story that remains woefully untitled.

On the Kindle front, Z is for Zombie continues to sell around 150 copies a month. My total for that short story is 1891 copies sold at $.34 each for a grand total of $642.94.

Not bad for a short story.

I have several other stories and novels up on the Kindle under pen names. Those pen names have been good to me. One story got an unsolicited newsletter & twitter push and I made $402.94 in April, $1751.07 in May and $2753.61 in June from that one story.

My pen name is more popular than my real name. I'm a little jealous of myself.

I don't have a website or Facebook page for my pen name (I do have a twitter following of 42 people). I'm not marketing myself or myself and I'm making money.

I'm firmly in the "I want to be traditionally published." club and I see Kindle sales as a way to prove to Agents and Publishers that I'm a voice that cries out from the darkness to be heard.