Wednesday, August 10

There is no easy way to bathe a hummingbird.

I've been busy. I've been working on a new zombie short, Planet of the Zombie, and doing some planning for a novel about the High School Prom as well as making a tiny bit of progress on an oddball bizarro short story that remains woefully untitled.

On the Kindle front, Z is for Zombie continues to sell around 150 copies a month. My total for that short story is 1891 copies sold at $.34 each for a grand total of $642.94.

Not bad for a short story.

I have several other stories and novels up on the Kindle under pen names. Those pen names have been good to me. One story got an unsolicited newsletter & twitter push and I made $402.94 in April, $1751.07 in May and $2753.61 in June from that one story.

My pen name is more popular than my real name. I'm a little jealous of myself.

I don't have a website or Facebook page for my pen name (I do have a twitter following of 42 people). I'm not marketing myself or myself and I'm making money.

I'm firmly in the "I want to be traditionally published." club and I see Kindle sales as a way to prove to Agents and Publishers that I'm a voice that cries out from the darkness to be heard.